Three cheers for progress! Though a lot of work stands between now and completion, all that is left is cosmetics.  The smokey smell that used to linger in every item has been removed, woo! Our popcorn ceiling has been replaced with a new, chic ceiling.  All flat files (master plans) have been scanned. Our material library (i.e. our samples of hardscape materials and images of products) has been updated. And all of the damaged walls have been rebuilt.

Up next is the exciting part. We will be laying on a fresh coat of paint to every wall. New rugs and flooring will be installed and new light fixtures will be hung. The kitchen and our soon to be swanky bathrooms will be next on the list, followed by the installation of our indoor terrace/seating area.

We have made lemonade out of lemons and we are so thankful we will back and working in our old space soon. See below for images of how things are beginning to come together!

More updates of course to come!