2017 CTASLA Honor Award Winner – Halo Wellness Center

One of the greatest aspects of being in the field of Landscape Architecture are the connections made with the local community. Our craft encourages teamwork, communication, and collaboration with others. At Wesley Stout Associates (WSA) we feel so lucky to have such a solid foundation here in New Canaan and in the greater area.

Yesterday, the New Canaan Advertiser recognized us for one of our award winning projects, the Halo Wellness Center Courtyard.  This project won an Honor Award just earlier this year at the 2017 CTASLA Awards.

The Halo Wellness Center, located in New Canaan, CT, is a fine example of how rewarding it is to design for our community. Having worked with the client on previous projects before, our team was given design freedom to take the awkwardly shaped parcel, with parking and material storage on two of it’s three sides and create something remarkable.  The project’s tight budget and existing conditions set this project up to be an exciting and challenging process.  With an amazing team, fabulous local resources, and an inspirational client, this project came together seamlessly. Using sustainable and readily available materials that engage human senses with sights, sounds, scents and textures the once dismal space transformed into a tranquil oasis. Now visitors to Halo can enjoy connecting with the outdoors whether visually, physically or spiritually. To be able to contribute to a community’s well-being by sharing ones craft is a rewarding thing. To be recognized by it is even more rewarding.

Thank you again New Canaan Advertiser for sharing!